The Bistro originated from the mind of the love of Heidi?s life, Dr Danie Robbertze, who?s longtime dream has been to open a restaurant. Combined with Heidi?s dream of the gallery, the Art Bistro seemed the perfect opportunity to combine two separate dreams into one exquisite affair, because love is the most prized artwork of all. Upon consideration from many sources and sleepless night after sleepless night, the Art Bistro has provided us with a menu which leaves little to be desired, whether you?re a meat lover or simply like things to be done your way, they have come up with the perfect solution for even the pickiest of diners.

You can choose from a selection of meats as well as a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, this is then grilled to perfection according to your specifications and presented on their trademark skewers, accompanied by a selection of mouth watering sauces, among them, blue cheese and cashew nut, chili chocolate and mushroom and whisky. One thing?s for certain, you?ll never have the same meal twice.